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Time and Price depends on:
1. How complicated the design is: whether there is a lot of detail, shading, linework, dotwork
2. Everybody's skin consistency is different; some may take the ink better than others.
3. Placement of the tattoo: different areas may be easier to tattoo than others (arm vs ribs)
4. How big the piece ends up being (sometimes the initial size is not the size we end up going with).

At the session, we choose the best size and placement.
5. How long the client can sit: if you sit for shorter hours it will be more sessions, for longer hours it will be less sessions

and more work done. If you take a lot of breaks and disrupt the flow of tattooing, or not too often, allow the artist to

get much more done.
6. How well you take care of the tattoo after. Aftercare is the most crucial part of keeping a tattoo looking fresh. If you do not follow directions, the tattoo will likely need to be touched up or reworked.

I can give you a ballpark estimate but it can always be more or less than what is given to you. What is important to know is

that a good tattoo takes patience!

I take only two types of appointments:

Half-day session (about 3 hours or a bit less/longer)- $1000

Full-day session (about 6 hours or a bit less/longer) - $2000

You can see how much this or that work takes approximately here

Or describe your idea when booking and get a cost calculation

When you are ready to book an appointment, I’ll ask you to make a $200 security deposit to keep the date.


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